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About Green Building

To learn how green building is better for people, pocketbook, and planet, and how the market is transforming in North Texas, please see below.

“Green Homes are Better for People, Pocketbook, and Planet” [new construction emphasis], a free 1-hour presentation by Beth Johnson on why home performance is important, who thinks so, and national and local trends. Cost-effective better-than-code new construction elements and third-party performance testing that deliver energy savings of 30-55% (BEFORE adding any site-generated renewable energy). Real-world photos of what goes wrong on energy, indoor air quality, safety, and durability without quality control. Discussion of benefits from ENERGY STAR®, Green Built Texas, and LEED for Homes programs and how North Texas has reached the tipping point in new construction where green is mainstream and available in a wide of builders, locations, and price points.

“Green Homes are Better for People, Pocketbook, and Planet” [retrofit emphasis], a free 1-hour presentation by Beth Johnson on why home performance is important, who thinks so, and national and local trends on existing- home energy renovations. Specifics on climate-specific upgrades for energy, durability, indoor air quality, and water conservation that make sense physically, economically, and for resale marketing. Upgrades from “fast, easy and cheap” to “next steps” to comprehensive improvements to thermal envelope and mechanical systems. Role of performance testing by independent third-party energy raters in informing house- and climate-specific cost-effective upgrades and in providing documentation to advantage your eventual home resale. Discussion of market trends in green features and certified green homes, data on cost vs. value for improvements green or otherwise, competition from new homes and existing “green-habbed” homes.

Tour the Bannister House with EcoBroker Beth Johnson. Spend 30 minutes on an audio-visual tour that’s a great primer on green building. Award-winning architect William Peck, (William Peck & Associates) and builder Chris Miles (GreenCraft Builders LLC) teamed up in 2007 to build this mainstream, mid-sized, mid-priced, environmentally friendly home in Grapevine, Texas that is a demonstration project for the U.S. Dept. of Energy’s “Building America” program. Beth led a Realtors' team that hosted five weekends of tours during which 4,000 North Texans learned cost-effective measures that made this home approx. 50% more energy efficient than a new built-to-code home and earned it Energy Star, Green Built North Texas, and LEED Platinum certifications. See much more at the Bannister House website. To shop for other homes or custom build jobs by GreenCraft or other green builders, and William Peck or other green architects, please contact Beth Johnson, 214.415.5089 or

"As Texas Goes, so Goes the Planet: Green Building is the core of one Texas realtor's practice," by Beth Johnson. Appeared in Mar.-Apr., 2007 issue of Home Energy Magazine. A diary of market transformation from the perspective of Texas' first EcoBroker and LEED AP Realtor. "What we call green building today will just be called building 5 to 8 years from now."--Greater Dallas Home Builders Association President T.W. Bailey.

“Dallas Area Residential Green Building Program Unveiled,” by Beth Johnson. Appeared in June, 2006, Dallas Sierra Club newsletter The Compass. A quick primer on green building and new tools for the homebuyer. Includes mention of available local and national green building rating systems.